Site Survey & Design

The Planning, Design and Maintenance business unit is an Allcom (UK) Ltd internal facility structured within the Communications Division. Formed primarily to design the infrastructure of fibre/copper networks for the MoD, this involves significant survey, planning, and design to JSP 480/440 standards to enable the construction of new LANS on British military bases in the UK; we also undertake the survey and design of new infrastructure or networks relocations for our commercial clients.

The above projects have enabled another major asset to be evolved within our in-house organization. This is our CAD department. All of our draughting staff has developed considerable abilities than can encompass any requirement of our planning function.

Civil Engineering

Allcom (UK) Ltd has the ability to complete full turnkey packages on Infrastructure and Non-Infrastructure projects. We also have our own in house civil design teams. Specializing in cost effective, customer focused solutions we can complete projects involving major ground works, road works, pipe laying, cable laying and network projects.

We offer 24/7 Helpdesk, Services and Plant enquiries, Stats Requests, fault response and repair contracts, contractor appointment and control.








Fibre Optic Cabling

Allcom (UK) Ltd capabilities include cabling, splicing, terminating and testing of trunk and distribution networks, CATV, and CCTV, covering both single and multi-mode technologies.

We also undertake construction and project management as well as maintenance of live systems.

Data cabling

From Cat5 to Cat6 and beyond, we have the engineers and the skills to install or upgrade your network. Our engineers arrive on your project with everything you would expect for the installation of one of the most critical yet under-appreciated of a company’s assets.

We can offer a fully warranted system with a 25 year guarantee or we can offer as a standard our own 2 year guarantee, we aim to cater for all your varying needs. From a simple network point test to the installation of a fully operational system, you can rest safe that when we attend site we do our best to work around the day to day running of your company. If you require a link to a nearby office, we will provide ductwork and cable access across roads and through common ground to facilitate a link where wireless will not do. We aim to offer a wide-ranging service without losing site of our core skills, enabling us to provide you with a greater level of service.

Allcom (UK) Ltd is a UK supplier of twenty-four hour, seven days a week telecommunications maintenance services.

24/7 Callout

Allcom (UK) Ltd is a UK supplier of twenty-four hour, seven days a week telecommunications maintenance services.

Our first line specialist rapid response teams provide a complete cable, fibre, duct and civil engineering repair service, with a guaranteed two-hour response time anywhere the UK.
Allcom (UK) Ltd maintained over 5000 km of fibre optic network for Level (3) Communications between the years of June 2006 until July 2012. Level (3) Communications have the largest fibre optic network in the world and have customers such as BT, Colt, Google, BBC, ITV and AOL on their network. Allcom (UK) Limited met every SLA in the years as the maintainer and the MTTR was 165.66 minutes.

The whole operation is masterminded from our round-the-clock Helpdesk based in the North West. When a problem develops in the cable network, an alarm is triggered in one of our clients' international control centers. They contact Allcom (UK) Ltd's Helpdesk, and inform them of the approximate location of the fault, Allcom (UK) Ltd mobilize the nearest service crew for the job. They go directly to the nearest amplifier, and use fibre-testing equipment to identify the precise location of the fault.

Each service crew is equipped with detailed plans of all the installations, and they are fully equipped to tackle faults directly on arrival, restoring the clients' network to full capability within the shortest possible time, and so minimizing revenue loss. The Helpdesk is also able to advise clients at all stages of the process.